Sunday, June 2, 2013

t h e  d a v i e s  b r o t h e r s | siblings

Just for dad. What a fun shoot with these little dudes. How cute are they?!? So this is a surprise shoot for Fathers Day. Momma said it was ok to post because he is never on Facebook and won't see that tag. That means if you are reading this and you know their read and saw nothing. You were never here. ;) ;) OH,  and dad if you for some reason seeing this back away from the device or computer! Stop! Do NOT scroll down. ;-) 

We had some of the cutest tears and by the end they were done taking photos but I had to capture a few more because the tears were too cute...poor little man! You can tell by the photos how much they love their little brother. Loved hanging out with you boys! Thanks for making my day. :)

love, meg

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