Sunday, June 23, 2013

b a b y  s h i l o h  +  f a m i l y  |  newborn

Baby sister. You can already tell from the first photo how much fun I had taking sweet baby Shiloh's photos. My camera has this mode where it can't stop snapping when you are that pretty. ;-) Shiloh is such a precious gift and has to older brothers to watch after her. I loved the way they loved her. Also, that adorable blanket with her name was made by Lil' Tater ( Trust will want to check out their awesome work! ;)

Thank you Moulton family for giving me the honor of taking her first photo shoot. I loved every minute. Your family is beautiful, sweet, and such a gift. Much love! 

love, meg


  1. Thanks sista! Love everything you made! ;-) Btw, Working on Alia's hospital and home shoots this week and sending some your way! :)