Monday, June 24, 2013

t h e  r i c k s  f a m i l y | family

Contagious expressions. What a wonderful family. I had such a beautiful evening with this awesome sweet family. I loved little man's expressions! How CUTE is he?!? One second he would be giving me these deep stares and then crack up laughing with that adorable grin and those gorgeous eyes...which do you see moms?!? Yep. Gorgeous. Mr. Monkey played a big part in these smiles so lets not forget to give him some credit. ;-)

Thanks again Ricks family! You family is just too cute! :-) 

love, meg

Sunday, June 23, 2013

b a b y  s h i l o h  +  f a m i l y  |  newborn

Baby sister. You can already tell from the first photo how much fun I had taking sweet baby Shiloh's photos. My camera has this mode where it can't stop snapping when you are that pretty. ;-) Shiloh is such a precious gift and has to older brothers to watch after her. I loved the way they loved her. Also, that adorable blanket with her name was made by Lil' Tater ( Trust will want to check out their awesome work! ;)

Thank you Moulton family for giving me the honor of taking her first photo shoot. I loved every minute. Your family is beautiful, sweet, and such a gift. Much love! 

love, meg