Friday, March 22, 2013

t i m + k a i t l i n | engagement

Born to love you. First off, let me just throw this out there...shut up! Ok I feel better. Thats the exact phrase that came to mind when I finally got to meet this adorable awesome ridiculously beautiful couple. Why? because...I mean hi. Lets just be the cutest thing ever. Done. Its funny when you just meet a couple and right off the bat you know they're "the perfect match." The forever. The kind of couple you think to yourself wow this is the kind of love I'm waiting for. Born to love each other.

 I think my favorite thing about this shoot was their laughter. They laughed the same. It made my heart smile. So needless to say AGAIN. May, where art thou?!? I'm overjoyed and thrilled to capture your wedding! In case you didn't pick up on it, I love y'all already.  :)

love, meg


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

jeremy + richelle + macyn | family

Sibling on the way. I can't get over this family and their blue eyes! Beautiful. Oh, and how cute is miss Macyn and her cheetah coat?!? Cutest. I can only imagine that their new bundle of joy will be absolutely adorable. Love love love baby bellies knowing how much awesome is happening inside. :) There is so much beauty to capture with this family! Congrats Smith family! <3 

love, meg