Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Heaven sent. To try to explain this day is not going to be an easy task. When I say that I mean explaining their joy and love for each other is unexplainable. I knew this day was going to be awesome when Kaitlin greeted me that morning with a book of "Awesome." I mean if that isn't a recipe for awesome then you tell me what! ;) Thanks so much for that gift! It truly is *awesome* and so are you. 

The gorgeous details that went into this wedding was amazing. To start her dad made the mouth dropping reception backdrop! He deserves a fist bump just for that. :) Next, her mom made the flowers that were added to the dresses and Kaitlin's beautiful belt on her stunning dress. Then, Kaitlin made her bridesmaid's hangers with their names...whaaaaaaat?!? Yeah thats right she is one amazing bride. Every detail went so perfectly with their love story. 

So lets talk about how many happy tears I had that day. 1) Kaitlin's mom Kathy gave Tim an irreplaceable heart filled gift. Tim's mom had passed away and Kathy wanted him to know she was right by his side and right by his heart the entire day. She had made a heart shaped locket with their photo inside and his mom's jewel's on the outside of the locket. What a special gift! 2) Kathy gave them both letters and photos. Along with those, Tim and Kaitlin gave letters to each other. Whew! Watching Tim read his had me guessing if I caught the moment since my tear filled eyes couldn't see through my camera! Last but maybe my fav 3) Tim's speech. He talked to his dad thanking him for all he has done and being there for him while getting choked up with breathless tears. He finished by honoring his mom and said when she went to heaven she sent Kaitlin. Needless to waterproof mascara was no good that day. 

To say I was honored to be a part of this day is an understatement. Now, I will stop talking so you can see the story  within the images which of course tell it a whole better. ;-) Their love for one another was breathless and heaven sent. I love you both. <3

love, meg

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