Monday, June 3, 2013

t h e  b r a n d t  f a m i l y | family

Country Cute.  I adore this family. It was a gorgeous evening and the perfect country setting for those awesome cowboy boots. It's nights like these and families like these that make me realize why I love what I do. Note: The more relaxed and trustworthy you are with your photographer the better the images will turn out and reflect just that. This family is proof of that exact statement. 

These kids and their stunning eyes captured my camera's ability to continue snapping till my hand fell off. ;-) Serious gorgeousness. My favorite thing was any time I asked Lucas to pose or do a specific thing he was like "sure" and did exactly that! Love! Then you add an obedient puppy to the mix and boom...cutest moments ever.  For sure one of my favorite shoots. Thanks Brandt family for an amazing evening and making my job easy! Love y'all! 

love, meg

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