Friday, May 31, 2013

t h e   s a b a l a   f a m i l y  |  pregnancy

The start of something new. This is my sister, her family, and my new niece who is a on the way within a week! :) {enter happy dance}. I can't really even begin to tell you how much they all mean to for now I will say to the moon and back. :)

I love my beautiful family and I am so proud of Rick and Britni. Their kids are living proof of what great parents they are and will be to baby Alia. God has truly blessed me with an amazing sister and family. I can't imagine life without them. My favorite things about my niece and nephews...I don't have the amount of time or space to tell you so I'll choose two. When they say I love you Aunt Meg and when they greet me with their little arms wrapped around me. I can't wait for the first Alia hug and to hold her in my arms. I already love her more than words can express. 
I love you family.

love, meg

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