Thursday, May 23, 2013

t r i s t a n  +  c a m r e n  +  c a y d e n | brothers

McQueen's little pit crew. These brothers continue to get more handsome by the day! So blessed to get to capture their last couple photo shoots and see them grow to become best friends. 

Full on boy, sticks, and cars and they were happy. Which kept us entertained just as much as these cuties! Such heart breakers. Nothing makes you feel more like a little man than fixin' things so we made a pit stop and busted out the  power tools {enter Tim the Tool man's grunt...GRHRRAAAHH}. 

 Cutest Crew + Power tools...In the words of Lightning McQueen,"Ka-Chow!" Lightning McQueen would have been proud. ;-) 

love, meg

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