Tuesday, May 21, 2013

c o n o r  +  k e l l i  |  o'brien wedding

Heart beat. Love them. I. love. them. If I could choose to repeat wedding days...this would be one of them. Conor and Kelli are one of those couples you pray to be best friends with. They are the type of people that put others first and make you feel at ease. They make you feel like family. 

On top of all that check out how adorable they are together! What?!? I mean if these two aren't a recipe for epic gorgeous children then we should all throw in the towel now. ;-) Oh, and it doesn't stop there. I loved every single person at their wedding! This wedding party = BOOM. I can't even describe their awesomeness so I'm going with boom. If you were at the wedding you can tell how much Conor & Kelli mean to this wedding party. Every single person talked about one radiating thing and that was how this world wouldn't be the same without these two. 

If I were to give speech awards away then this wedding party deserves it. They made us laugh and cry and laugh and cry, laugh and repeat. I wish I could explain each one. All that to say this every person there had the same heart beat for this couple and it was such an overwhelming blessing to be a part of MR. & MRS. O'BRIEN's perfect day. I love you two. :-) 

love, meg

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