Friday, June 29, 2012

jake + elizabeth | wedding

Contagious Joy. This wedding was full on contagious joy. I loved every person at this wedding and once again feel so blessed to have such an amazing couple and be a part of their day. 

I love unique things in weddings. Two things in particular. Elizabeth's wedding ring is gorgeous and SO unique. They picked out the design based on another ring that she adored. So Jake being the awesome amazing groom that he is decided to also buy the original ring and surprise her when they first met up. I love surprises. Oh and love. ;D Another unique thing was the wine box in place of the unity candle where both moms wrote letters and put them in the box during the ceremony for them to later read. SO sweet! LOVE that idea. 

Moments in this wedding stood out and thats why I named it contagious joy. From mom and son exchanging hugs and tears to how fun and encouraging her sister and other bridesmaids were to just the love everyone had for each other. Seriously it was one of those weddings where I loved every person I talked with. :)  OH also the beautiful bride ROCKED her dress! ;D So overjoyed for this couple and felt privileged to capture their love story...

love, meg

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