Sunday, June 10, 2012

dan + megan | engagement

laughter & love. Some would say two of my favorite things in life and these two lovebirds let me be a part of their story. Honored? I think so! ;D 

I feel like I need to set this story up for you so you really grasp the awesomeness happening...

Chapter 3. He had her at hello. The nerd in the pasture sees this breath-taking woman with beautiful brown eyes and sun kissed hair...[I know its getting intense grab the tissues and you're welcome} and he approached her with his heart and a kiss. They fall deep into each other arms so much that they literally fall on the seriously they did and I lost it! HAhah! Of course they were ok...;P meanwhile their hearts took them all the way to the train station where they took off on the tracks of love. When reaching their destination they realized they were the light of each others lives. AND scene. Ok I have to stop because this got way out of control but honestly just being around these two you know they were truly meant for one another. <3

love, meg


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