Thursday, April 18, 2013

the o n g  b e a u t i e s | family + jewelry

Beauty. I have always looked up to Stephanie since I was a little girl. She is such a beautiful person and one of the most creative artists and designers I have ever met. She not only creates beauty but is beauty. 

I think you will understand a bit of her creativity when you see the amazing {I want ever single piece} jewelry line she is starting. I will be blogging soon about her Etsy page and some of her jewelry and will also link them to my Facebook page. :) Her style is effortless and unique and it shows through her jewelry. You will see a bit of the jewelry modeled below.

 So after we got done taking photos of the jewelry we decided to have a little {Mother Daughter} shoot. Perfect timing with Mother's Day around the corner. Love this family like they are my own. 

love, meg

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