Tuesday, April 23, 2013

t h e  m e t h e n y  f a m i l y | family 

Spring has sprung. I know I say this often but its true every time I say it...I love this family! How adorable is this family?!? So cute. Spring is just starting to appear and these sisters are ready with their adorable outfits, energy, and OH so cute rain coats! 

I love baseball so when Crystal mentioned taking some Red Sox photos I said pshhhh no Go Cardinals! HAha! JK! I said YES PLEASE!! I think the green wall went perfect for the Boston Red Sox and due to recent events taking place in Boston...I will officially say GO BOSTON! These photos were taken the week before the Boston Marathon and all that took place. It is just a wonderful reminder to not take a day for granted and to thank Jesus I get to meet and be around families like these. :) 

love, meg

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