Thursday, October 11, 2012

charlie | two

Hey all!! Long time, no post. Literally! Sorry about that! I had such an amazing summer full of wonderful people and shoots so be sure to check out my Facebook page( and hopefully I will post some of my favorites to my new blog/website this winter.(NOTE: my links on here are not working so email me at I have been thinking and designing throughout my crazy schedule so bare with me but I want it to not just be a base hit but a home run out of the park what just happened kind of feeling when I reveal them. HA! ANYWAY! Novel later lets start with Fall 2012 and this ADORABLE little two year old! She has the cutest personality and kept all of us on our toes. Obviously it was the best time ever. Chalk, lip gloss, rain boots, and popcorn. Thats a recipe for awesome

love, meg

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